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What happens when a cat owner dies? Robert Kertesz in London tackles this important issue.

Robert Kertesz and Eva in London

Robert Kertesz and Eva the Cat

‘Please Don’t Leave Me to Die’ by Robert Kertesz, London.

On behalf of our Cats and all other pets!
Cat owners dying and nobody knowing about it, leaving cats behind, is a serious issue.

In the United Kingdom alone there are some nine million lonely people! Mainly elderly. A lack of frequent human contact is of major concern. There are frequent cases of elderly people dying alone and not being discovered for weeks. No doubt this also happens in the USA and everywhere else.

But what also happens on occasion is that pets of any type can be trapped when the owner dies. There have even been cases of the pet eating the deceased! This is doubly distressing for the family.

I recently lost my partner of 41 years and am fairly isolated. This does not mean I do not have friends or any social contact. But the reality is I live on my own, and have realised that if I died my poor Cat Eva might face a horrible and lonely death if I was not discovered soon.

Yes a cat flap (door) can be arranged, but how would Eva manage to get through the fire escape door? I live on the fourth floor on my own with no neighbours. And there are all kinds of possibilities as to what might happen, like the cat flap might be closed.

So what I have arranged is to make sure I have three different direct human contacts every week by email and Facebook. I check in on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday with friends.

My email means I am alive!

I have more than one contact to make sure I have multiple precautions in place. Anything can happen to anyone. So hence three contacts.

Please anybody reading this, consider making sure you have direct contacts every week if you think you could die and be undiscovered. It does happen time and again!

This system does not involve a lot of work. But even if no trapped pet is present, it is also very hurtful to family if they realise a loved one died and they haven’t known about it for weeks.

Try and make contacts to make sure your family and dearly beloved pets do not suffer needlessly.