Donate to Help Beauty the Cat!


Beauty, a ‘community cat’, above, has a skin/fur condition that needs urgent help – you can see where her fur is scratched away and her skin is bloody, above.

The best vet in Miami, Maria Oliveira, says the cause is probably an allergy to a type of flea, and that treatment is very expensive.

Donations can be made to and Target egift cards for cat food can be sent to


PS – Beauty is eating with Sammy, and Angel their mother is in the background.


Divino Is Alive!

IMG_20170424_063921Divino is alive!

Some weeks ago I was grieving Divino because I thought he had been run over, but no, that was another unfortunate cat and Divino came back after a couple of weeks. Thank God!

That’s what cats sometimes do – they disappear and come back. Sometimes they leave again, as if they’ve just come back to tell you they’re OK, they’ve just found another place they prefer to be.

I’m so happy that Divino has stayed. The photo above was taken of Divino this morning – a very misty morning by the canal.

Donations for the cats can be sent to, or Target egift cards to



Great News!


Sammy is eating again! I prayed like crazy for him yesterday – maybe that’s what did it.

Sammy is the ginger cat on the left, Magic is on the right.

Please donate to the care of community cats at

Also Target egift cards are welcome – you can send them to Target is good to get cat food from. Despite the fact that they have advertising that promotes violence against animals – see


Donations Urgently Needed!

Donations Please!

Donations urgently needed for some Miami ‘community cats’ who require urgent medical attention.

One is a lovely silver cat – see Silver Cat – who was dumped in a park locally and she needs medical help for her eyes, which are always full up with gook.

However more pressing is SAMMY, a beautiful young ginger cat who is not able to eat right now and has some othe symptoms.

I spoke with the best vet in Miami about Sammy today – Maria Oliveira – and she said he may have something stuck in his throat and would need anaethesia and x-rays to find out.

*** Please donate to . Also the local cats need ongoing donations for their everyday feeding and care, including spaying and neutering.

Please donate and/or share this post. Every dollar counts! Thank you.

PS – Sponsors can be named on for their contribution.


Target Advertising Encourages Violence Against Animals – Address to Brian Cornell


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Above is the name of my new video at

Let Brian Cornell, CEO of Target, know that he should stop this advertising right now!

Contact Target Customer Service at (Yes, despite all my attempt at more directly getting in contact with Brian Cornell and others responsible for this irresponsible advertising, this is the best contact info I could get.)