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Happy Hours in South Miami…


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Well, somebody’s got to do it, right? And there are a lot of us doing just that…

Above is a photo of the little burgers you get at Splitsville in Sunset Place, Miami, at Happy Hour! For $3. Pretty tasty.

To the left of the photo is my demolished vodka with cranberry. Also $3 at Happy Hour time – 4pm – 7pm. Way to go!


Above is what I was lucky enough to get during the Thursday night happy hour – tuna sushi. $5 instead of $11.

Everything $11 or under on the sushi menu that night is $5. Problem is, most of the sushi has cream cheese and/or tempura in it. That’s not the kind of sushi I like to eat.

But the tuna sushi – usually spicy but I ordered it not spicy – was delicious!

Accompanying the sushi I had one of the craft beers that was a $3 special at happy hour – some Florida beer I forget the name of. Not bad.



Beauty Every Day in Miami


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This is a photo from Fuchs Park where I had fun earlier this week taping the birds and beautiful scenery. Despite being next to a busy road – US1 – it’s a lovely place to go to with lots of different kinds of wildlife; birds, turtles, and there are signs warning against alligators.

An Eye for An Eye, A Tooth For a Tooth?


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Or; COWARDS – Animal Abusers and What We Should Do About Them.


I have just seen on Facebook a photo of two Turkish youths proudly showing the dog they have just cut the ears off for losing a dog fighting match. Below is the article I wrote a couple of days ago;

I saw three separate Facebook posts yesterday of cruelty to dogs that were beyond my imagining. Cruelty like you can’t believe.

When I get such posts appearing on my Facebook my reaction tends to be ‘Why are you sending me this stuff?’. Because I get really upset by the posts. But then I think ‘Something must be done’, and I read a bit of the post, sign whatever needs to be signed to support measures against abusers, and share the post.

Usually I think in terms of creating animal sanctuaries where animals can live in peace and safety, of spaying and neutering animals in the streets and taking them to the sanctuaries. But last night, as I lay awake mulling over the atrocities I had been a witness to that day, I realized that that is not enough. Things must be done to the evil people who commit these horrendous acts.

Previously I thought – I will have to look into the law/laws, into what people are doing to improve laws in support of animal protection etc. I know, for example, that an Oregon judge made a landmark ruling recently that dogs are sentient beings. Before, dogs had been treated merely as property under American law.

To date I haven’t looked into the law as I intended, but it’s clear that whatever is being done is clearly not enough. And there are clearly deep conspiracies in every country that keep animal abuse alive – along with the abuse of children, of women, and even men.

Revealing these conspiracies would make great movies, I’m sure. Even though I’m writing movies myself, and will be directing them, I don’t feel these conspiracies are something I can talk about because I don’t understand how you can just sit by and allow atrocities to happen to innocent beings. I’ve never been around that – although of course I can smell abuse all over the place. I can often sense who’s been raped, who beats their women, whatever. But I’ve never knowingly been around an abuser and not done anything about it.

A lot of people have. And are.

In London years ago I spent many years working in the anti-rape movement and have fought many private and neighborhood battles against abuse, including in my current (rich) neighborhood of Pinecrest, Miami, where I have an ongoing legal case that I hope to be free to talk about once it’s resolved. So no, I just don’t get how people can allow ongoing abuse of animals, children and women. That’s a story that needs to be told.

Interestingly in the Dec./Jan. 17th issue of Esquire there is an article that mentions male sexual abuse. The author of ‘Speak No Evil’, Eric Lewis, says he doesn’t know why he and other footballers found it somehow acceptable that football coach Philip Folgietta spent decades having sex with underage boys in his care. Lewis says he and other teammates somehow glossed over that because of their football success. Well, at least he’s being honest about it. Worth a read.

Back to animals – let me point out something that people have often mentioned to me in response to my support of animals. They say “I’m into supporting children. They are the future”, very often in a way that suggests that they find that superior.

Honestly, I feel that that statement/stance passes the buck. We – reading this -are adults and we are the present. What we do affects generations to come – Native Americans say seven generations to come. We shouldn’t look to children to be the change – we have to be the change.

Also, everything is holographic – all energy is connected, whatever we do in one part of the whole affects the rest of the whole.

So, helping animals to be safer and happier on earth affects children, and every other abused group, directly. And vice versa.

My feeling is we can’t stop at rescuing hurt animals. Action must be taken to prevent abuse. I suggest:

  1. Abusing animals becomes a far more dangerous past-time for abusers. I recommend that abusers should suffer even more severely than their victims. If at all possible. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. But way worse.
  2. Schools should take responsibility for educating children about how to care well for animals. To teach them that animals should be respected, nurtured, loved. If they and their family can’t do that, don’t take the animals on or, if they have animals, put them in a safer place. Give out resources that direct safe places for animals to go – no-kill shelters for example.
  3. Supply information about where to report animal abuse – or suspected abuse. This could be in newspapers, in schools, in toilets – like sex trafficking notices are – for example.

I have more suggestions, to be continued in my next post. Something very outrageous and medieval – but hey, it would work. Please feel free to comment and share.