Miami Cat Sanctuary

Cat Lady in Miami

Cat Woman in Miami


The Miami Cat Sanctuary is what I intend to create;

A piece of land that is at least a few acres large, probably in the Redlands- a safe place for cats to live both inside and outside.

I envisage a circle of container homes, actually, interconnected with defense mechanisms that shut down the different areas in the event of any catastrophe, like a fire. Where cats can run free if they want to, even if they’re used to being ‘inside cats’.

Miami – as does most places – desperately needs a comprehensive system of spaying and neutering the cats, as well as safe places for them to live.

San Diego is a glowing example of this.

I want Miami to be next.

Part of the vision I have is to have Cat Mobiles – at least one van that goes out into the community to spay cats. Maybe a vet is onboard to do that, maybe the cats will be taken elsewhere – and then even released to better places to live, like the Cat Sanctuary.

Whatever we can do.

I plan to advertise this idea on design sites and get functional, hopefully beautiful, plans back for this vital community that we need.

If you would like to donate to this extremely real need, please address your Paypal donation via Paypal and using the address. A more formal place to send your money will be created soon.

Alternatively, to help feed and care for local Miami cats – ‘community cats’, as they’re called here – use the same Paypal address;

Thank you!