Lauran Childs, Cat Woman in Miami


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Improve your karma by giving to cats and/or this site! And you automatically become eligible for your name and link to be published on the Sponsors page.

We’re not just talking about money here. Cats need all kinds of resources, including physical help, environments to stay/live in, and even prayers!

You can give via this site in a number of ways;

  1. – You can donate to the creation of the Miami Cat Sanctuary via Paypal, sending funds to roses7373@yahoo.com or lauranchilds@yahoo.com.

2. – You can donate to the feeding and care of ‘community’ cats in Miami – often referred to as ‘feral’- via Paypal at roses7373@yahoo.com or roses7373@yahoo.com.

3. – You can donate to the upkeep of this site at Paypal via  roses7373@yahoo.com or lauranchilds@yahoo.com.

You can donate your time to feed cats, or take over if someone can’t make it temporarily. Such a service would also be greatly appreciated by cat owners.

Also urgently needed in Miami are people who can help catch and/or take the cats to have them fixed.

Very often, new homes/space for cats is needed – for example when they are no longer allowed to be with their owners due to landlords or other tragedy.

If you can offer any of these things I’d be happy to post your information here if you wanted it to be posted, and to pass it on to people who could use it.

A new laptop and Ipad would be very useful too.

Also prayers are a great way to help cats and everybody. Let’s create miracles!

Thank you. All contributions greatly appreciated.